Quick Broccoli and Chickpea Stuffed Marrow

This actually turned out pretty well. the marrow is huge, and I only used a tiny bit of it to make these meals.
serves three
(approximate. I did not use measurements)
Three large slices of marrow
One small gluten free roll. (mine had just gone a bit stale)
Half a head of broccoli
Half a can of chickpeas
Three large handfuls of grated cheese
One egg
Three and a half tablespoons of basil pesto
Two leaves of sage
A handful of parsley

Preheat your oven to 180c
Scoop the fleshy insides of the marrow out and discard.
Beat the egg in a large bowl.
Add the cheese to the egg.
Grate the gluten free roll and mix it into the egg and cheese.
Chop up the broccoli, and add it to the mix.
Throw in the herbs. I would say that a good lot of thyme would be delish, but I didn’t have any on hand.
Mix in the pesto.
Fill the marrow rings with the stuffing and bake on the oven for about 15-20 minutes, or however long you think. I didn’t time it.

Feather Hair Clip

Apologies for my recent absence. I was away at a home education conference, which was awesome, and day after tomorrow I will be going into school for the first time ever, so I’m pretty busy, between tidying and getting ready and unpacking. The conference was really fun. I guessed the weight of a giant marrow and got it nearly right, so I won the marrow and a box of Ferraro Roche. I cant eat Ferraro Roche so I had to sneakily pull some out of the box and give them to people I knew and tried to hide it from the hordes of small boys who will do anything for chocolate.
I also discovered the extent of my gluten allergy, and got a reaction from a puff of flour in the air going into my mouth. It wasn’t the worst reaction I have ever got, but I felt so rubbish that I have sworn never to stand near someone baking ever again.
I made a feather hair clip. it was pretty easy.


Oh my, what just happened? One minute I was down in the cabin sewing and then I was sanding a spoon and now I am writing a post. but what happened in between that made me stop sewing? I was just about to pin the pleats and… I have no idea. I think I saw some wood carving tools. I get so easily distracted. It’s ridiculous. It usually happens when I am about to do something normal, that I don’t really think about, and I just wander off. I always take a long time to get dressed, or take a shower, just because I get distracted by something more interesting. Right now, I should be sewing. sewing, sewing, sewing.
Why am I even writing this? I probably don’t intend to post it, but I probably will.
I have less than a week left of being home educated and technically being a child. I am going to school for the first time ever and celebrating my 13th birthday on the same day. How unfair is that?
I’m going to be a teenager. Its the weirdest thing. I will most likely not really notice. But I will still make stuff. Don’t put it past me. I will probably make even more stuff, and crowd up my creative mess even more. My bedroom is such a crammed spot of craft materials, books, and overflowing drawers that I cant even call it a room. Just a mess. But it has always been in my nature to be messy. When I was little my room looked like a bomb full of toys had sailed through my window. now its the same, but with craft materials and books.
Why am I even bothering to blog on this anyway? Nobody really cares, and its not like I want to boast about what I have made. but I will keep going, because there are a small amount of people following my blog. thank you. especially the followers who have followed me since my first day.
I have been going on this for nearly half a year now, and…
Sorry. I really need to get back to my sewing.
I will post some more random crap on this on monday.

Natural Dreamcatcher

Sorry about the long break, I was away at my friends place in Scotland for the weekend. I will be away this weekend too, so I wont be posting much on this.
Yesterday I made a delicious gluten free apple, blackberry and redcurrant pie. I am planning to make more pie tonight. I love pie…
I made this dreamcatcher a little while ago, but have not got around to posting a photo. The frame is made of fresh lilac, and the thread is raffia, a plant material. in the center there is a wooden bead.


Oh my god. that was an awesome ten minutes. my heart is still racing like crazy.
So what happened, you may ask?
A squirrel happened!
Not exactly. but I was sitting at my kitchen table talking to my sister when I looked out the window and saw a squirrel on the wall, staring at me with a rather confused expression. It ran away pretty fast, but I was quite exited by then. then it came back, and hung around on the wall for a minute. by that time some of my family had gathered and my mother had got out her phone and was videoing it.
Then it jumped onto the windowsill, crashing into the window. it regained its balance and stared running around the windowsill, jumping up onto the glass, and staring in. it came back about five times.

Wooden Spoon

My first carved spoon. I’m very proud. I used a wood burning tool to create the patterns. to hollow out the bowl, I used a hot coal from a campfire, put it in the bowl, and blew on it until it burnt the shape out. all you need is a stick, another stick and a knife.
I carved it from there. I ate a yoghurt with it, and it tasted a bit like burnt hot dog, but that’s ok.