Blog Update

Hello all,
Apologies for my hiatus over the holidays, I have been very busy!

Anyhow, the reason I’m posting now is because tomorrow there shall be an article on Home Education in the Herald to which I have contributed some of my experiences, so if anyone is interested in reading that it’d be great.

Today was a pretty unusual day, as I met with seven other 15/16 year olds to talk about Ireland’s youth with Amina Mohammed, who is the adviser to the UN Secretary General. It was very interesting and we had some great discussions. There were people from UNICEF and the National Youth Council. I was there on behalf of ECO-UNESCO, Ireland’s environmental and youth organization. I’m pretty happy to have got the chance to do that! In the short timeframe I didn’t get to say as much as I would have wished about the environment but I’ve emailed some questions on that hopefully will answer some of my queries. I do intend to write more posts on environmental and global issues on this blog, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I will remember to actually do so.

Over the holidays, I made a lot of jewellery (Which will be on my Etsy Shop and hopefully the blog very soon) And sold some at another craft fair in Bray! With the money I made at a previous fair and what I’ve saved for years, I got a camera, who is now my beloved child. She is truly, truly beautiful.

For those of you who might be here via the newspaper article, thanks for reading and for taking the time to look at my blog. I haven’t written a huge amount on Home Education so far (as it’s a very busy lifestyle that doesn’t much favour sitting at a computer writing blog posts all day) but I have lots to say that will be posted in the near future! I am very open to any questions that you may have, however stupid you may think they are! Feel free to comment below or send me a message.

Leibster Award Nomination!

I was nominated for the Leibster Award a while ago by the lovely Kara (Thank you!)

Here are the rules if you have been nominated!

Rule 1: You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you

Rule 2: You must list 11 random/fun facts about yourself

Rule 3: You must pick 11 nominees

Rule 4: You cannot nominate the person who nominated you

Rule 5: You must let the person you’ve nominated know that they’ve been nominated

  1. If you had to pick one type of dessert to reflect your personality what would it be
    Probably a wild berry pie cooked over a campfire or something along those lines!
  2. Why did you choose that dessert for #1?
    I am one for the forest and the hills, and the best times of my life are those spent around a fire under the stars with amazing people.
  3. Would you rather visit a place that many people have raved about or a place that no one has ever visited?
    A place that no one has ever visited, for sure!
  4. Why did you choose that response for #3?
    I am a lover of the most remote places, and a forest or mountain that is completely untouched would be my idea of heaven!
  5. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
    I suppose I’m no longer a child… Probably walking in Glendalough (A very beautiful place in Ireland) And eating lots and lots of bilberries/blaeberries, dipping my toes in a mountain stream and walking in the valley.
  6. Describe a time in which you made a mistake but learned from it.
    Hmm, that’s difficult. I make mistakes a lot! I think I’m good at accepting them though.
  7. How do you think your birth order has shaped you (being the youngest, oldest, middle, or only child)?
    I am the youngest, but I only have one sister, and I’ve never really had any sort of sibling rivalry or anything, so I would say that it has shaped me to be more peaceful and contented. I don’t think I could manage staying somewhat sane with lots of younger siblings! My sister is gone to college, as well, so at the moment it’s just me and my parents in the house. It’s nice to have the company and support of an older sibling too.
  8. What song best expresses how you’re feeling today?
    A thousand songs… But at the moment I am in love with a piano peice by Einaudi called Primavera… It’s just one of those songs that is so beautiful it’s actually painful!
  9. How do you think technology will change in the future?
    I’m not a very strong advocate for technology, in many ways. I think in some ways, for health reasons, and for helping others, it’s good, and I think it’s great that at the moment, information can be shared and spread to people across the world in the flash of an eye. I think that the younger generation are wasting their entire lives (including me) on their phones and computers, and that everyone is suffering from a lack of time spent outdoors. My ideal life would be without technology, living in a self sustainable community and peacefully connecting with the earth, but I suppose technology does allow me to stay in contact with those who I could not talk to otherwise, and make contact with other people through blogging etc.
  10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be
    Pasta. I love pasta.
  11. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
    I have a terrible memory for words, but at the Art of Mentoring I learned some things I will never forget, about how I must meet my edges and fears, and just sit with them and be okay with them in order to overcome them. I can say, that when I remember, I become much more free and happy, whatever is happening, both outside and inside.

Here’s the questions for my nominees (Probably not the right word but anyhow…)

  1. What is your biggest aspiration in life?
  2. What is the funniest moment you can remember of your childhood?
  3. Are you a dog or cat person?
  4. Who is your hero?
  5. What is your greetest passion?
  6. If you could take only three things/people to a desert island with you, what/who would it be?
  7. Where would you most like to travel in the world?
  8. What annoys you the most?
  9. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  10. If you could have the life of any person in the world, who would it be?
  11. What inspires your blog?

Blog Birthday!!!!

So it’s the 2 year anniversary of my blog! I only found out about it just now, otherwise I would have… I don’t know. But it was lucky I decided to post today, huh?

I guess I’ve been writing this meagre blog for a good while now. I know it’s not exactly… frequent, to say the least, and probably those of you who don’t personally know me don’t have a clue of what goes on in my life. I guess I paint a funny picture of it here.

I love blogging, I must say. Not because I get to show off the things I make or do to others. It just feels like an escape. Like someone else out there cares. I must say it’s pretty freaky having some people I know read this… Even though I don’t write anything personal, I guess it sorta portrays the person I would like to be. Not that I lie on my blog, but when I write and look at what I’ve said and what I’ve done, I feel like I’m writing as a different person, a more open, charismatic, extroverted person.

I find one thing extremely amusing, and not entirely comforting, and that’s when I look at my old posts. Even though I still consider myself 12, my 12 year old person was a very different one to the one she is now. I don’t know which one I prefer. But maybe if she had used a bloody capital ‘I’ every once and again while writing the blog, it would be easier to see her in another light. I’m not a grammar freak, but come on… you’re not texting, this is going to permanently on the interwebs. Can’t you see that, child? Aww I wasn’t even a teenager back then. I didn’t even go to school… I’ve no clue what I spent my life doing. No clue.

Okey dokey. I came on here to write about hats and now I’m reminiscing on my childhood. Okay. I need to write about hats now.

Also, thank you very much to my lovely followers, who, even if most probably don’t give a damn about my blog when they see it in their newsfeed or whatever, have still put up with my random wanderings when I do that. And my incessant weirdness.
Oh wait, I still need to write about hats. Damn.


Finally. It’s here. After ridiculously cold weather all spring, the summer has arrived. The sun is shining, The air is warm, and I feel alive again at last. Unfortunately there is no sign of it lasting, and there is a cool breeze blowing in from the east that is a little to chilly for my liking, but it’s warm now, and that’s what I care about!
And on another happy note, I now have 50 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to all of you!!! 🙂

Here are some summery photos I have taken in the past few years:

IMGP2152IMGP2194 IMGP1934 imgp1771.jpg

Blog Birthday!

So, today, one year ago, I made this blog! I didn’t think it would last this far, to be honest with you.
I started then with the idea of making stuff and putting it online. I suppose it still is. But now I post about more than just my crafts, usually.
Then, I didn’t go to school, and had no intention to. But with my friends gone, and my being rather lonely, I did decide to. But you can thank that for my crafting, as my lack of friends prompted to stay in the house more, therefore make more, bake more, and blog more. Those who have followed me since then have probably noticed how my posting has considerably dwindled since September. But for me, school has been a blessing, not because of the homework and schoolwork, but because of the amazing people I have encountered there. I am so lucky to have met the people I now, after a few months, love so much.
But I still craft, even though I have less time. It is still my escape, where I go into a crazy meditative trance while crafting and making jewellery. If I have music on while making things, it is even more relaxing. Some days, when I have too much homework, I just don’t do it and sit in my room twirling wire for hours. Even though homework detention is looming the next day, I don’t care, because I made something.
I think that’s why I started crafting in the very first place. A world of freedom where my mind can soar is the best gift I could have.

Life… And Excuses.

So where have I been, you may ask?
I am sorry, life has just been busy.
I have been crafting, and baking. Honestly.
But I have an excuse for my sorry deficiency of posting. For one thing, the light is so bad when I get home from school that I cannot photograph anything. The other (and this is for the baking) is that my family has stopped buying sugar. I live off baking. I don’t need sugar much, I’m not addicted to sugar, I don’t even really love sweet things. But I love baking so much, I have not been able to bake for a good while.
I am planning to build a lightbox, which will help, for the photography part. But the whole baking thing will have to be solved by me buying myself a few bags of sugar.

I have my grade 5 piano exam tomorrow. I am taking a day off school to meet some old friends and practice my butt off.
It’s quite odd, that when I think of taking a Tuesday off, I am happy about it (triple Irish… Aughgghaugh), but when I think of taking a day off school, I don’t want to. I got into school at the right time, with the right class. I am so lucky to have got the class I got. I don’t think I would be enjoying school as much as I am if they weren’t there. (if there are any of you guys reading, I have entrusted you with the site details and I am probably an idiot. Sorry.)
My transition from home to school is running surprisingly smoothly. I suppose my school is more of an in between space, as there is a ridiculously small amount of students for a city centre school.
But enough of that.
I promise to have some more posts lined up in the future!


Oh my, what just happened? One minute I was down in the cabin sewing and then I was sanding a spoon and now I am writing a post. but what happened in between that made me stop sewing? I was just about to pin the pleats and… I have no idea. I think I saw some wood carving tools. I get so easily distracted. It’s ridiculous. It usually happens when I am about to do something normal, that I don’t really think about, and I just wander off. I always take a long time to get dressed, or take a shower, just because I get distracted by something more interesting. Right now, I should be sewing. sewing, sewing, sewing.
Why am I even writing this? I probably don’t intend to post it, but I probably will.
I have less than a week left of being home educated and technically being a child. I am going to school for the first time ever and celebrating my 13th birthday on the same day. How unfair is that?
I’m going to be a teenager. Its the weirdest thing. I will most likely not really notice. But I will still make stuff. Don’t put it past me. I will probably make even more stuff, and crowd up my creative mess even more. My bedroom is such a crammed spot of craft materials, books, and overflowing drawers that I cant even call it a room. Just a mess. But it has always been in my nature to be messy. When I was little my room looked like a bomb full of toys had sailed through my window. now its the same, but with craft materials and books.
Why am I even bothering to blog on this anyway? Nobody really cares, and its not like I want to boast about what I have made. but I will keep going, because there are a small amount of people following my blog. thank you. especially the followers who have followed me since my first day.
I have been going on this for nearly half a year now, and…
Sorry. I really need to get back to my sewing.
I will post some more random crap on this on monday.