Some of my recent whittling

I’ve spent a lot of my time lately whittling! It has become probably my favorite pastime, despite the occasional blisters and the wood chips that trail their way about the house… I like to think it’s bringing a little bit of nature indoors. Although we have a lot of that already.

Something I’ve made a lot of lately are these interlocking spiral sticks. Both of these in particular are cherry but I’ve done a few single spirals out of elder whose pithy center pops out perfectly with minimal knife effort.

IMGP1627 IMGP1632

I have also made quite an amount of cutlery. I have not yet mastered forks but for the time being I’ll manage with spoons and butter knives. The two center spoons are green beech and the outer spoons are oak (left hand) and something unknown handed to me at the Art of Mentoring (right). I’m pretty sure the two knives are cherry (we have a large cherry tree in the garden who provides us with plentiful wood often)IMGP1644

This little wren is the end of a handle of a butter knife I made for my dad’s birthday. I used a fork cherry branch and whittled it down into a bird, and then burned in patterns on the wings.IMGP1651

As usual, if anyone would like a tutorial I would be more than happy to make one!

Beech Nut Earrings

I love beech nuts. To look at, to eat, everything. The only thing better is the tree itself. So why not use two of my favourite materials to make a pair of earrings?
A piece of copper wire stretches underneath the segments and holds the top in place, so they’re pretty secure.
I love making things out of natural findings. I was trying to make something similar with a hazelnut shell but it didn’t work :/ ah well.

Interlocking Spiral Stick

This was probably one of the most complicated wooden pieces I have made. It was good fun though.
To make it, I carved two spirals opposite each other and slowly carved deeper and deeper until it broke through and made a hollow center.
I was inspired by someone at the Art of Mentoring who made this, so it’s not my idea. I also made a spoon with the same technique but I did not make it hollow as I thought it would be a little too fragile for everyday use.
2013-09-19 16.58.52 2013-09-19 16.59.17

Wooden Spoon

My first carved spoon. I’m very proud. I used a wood burning tool to create the patterns. to hollow out the bowl, I used a hot coal from a campfire, put it in the bowl, and blew on it until it burnt the shape out. all you need is a stick, another stick and a knife.
I carved it from there. I ate a yoghurt with it, and it tasted a bit like burnt hot dog, but that’s ok.