I may have briefly mentioned her name, and put up a few photos of her a while back, but I don’t think I have ever really talked about my wonderful, beautiful dog Izzy.
She is a three year old (nearly four) Goldendoodle, which is a cross between a golden retriever and a standard poodle. Thet is to say, the large poodles.
She is amazing. I love her to bits.
She is so gentle. She never bites, and only jumps when you ask her for a hug or if she is REALLY excited to see you. Even then she is still kind. She is the happiest, most warm-hearted girl ever. She is what keeps me smiling every day, all day.
Whenever I come home after more than the regular school times, she waits at the window, and then when she sees me, grabs her toy and runs to the door. Then, when I open the door, she starts making these whining and groaning noises that sing ‘I’ve missed you so much!’ and she wags her tail so hard her whole body shakes and she falls over. This goes for my whole family.
Whenever we watch TV at night, she will come in and sit beside you on the floor, and puts her head on your lap and gazes with her soft brown eyes screaming ‘stroke me….’ and then when I massage her shoulders, she starts to groan in delight.
She has this trick she does whenever people are watching her or she wants attention, where she lies on her back with a ball in her mouth and then, with her paws, slowly lifts the ball out of her mouth and stares at it upside down, and then slowly and carefully places it back into her mouth. She has started doing this of her own accord, not because of us training her.
Here are some photos of her:
P1060287 IMGP2494 IMGP2033 IMGP2152 IMG_1889 IMG_0149


Oh my god. that was an awesome ten minutes. my heart is still racing like crazy.
So what happened, you may ask?
A squirrel happened!
Not exactly. but I was sitting at my kitchen table talking to my sister when I looked out the window and saw a squirrel on the wall, staring at me with a rather confused expression. It ran away pretty fast, but I was quite exited by then. then it came back, and hung around on the wall for a minute. by that time some of my family had gathered and my mother had got out her phone and was videoing it.
Then it jumped onto the windowsill, crashing into the window. it regained its balance and stared running around the windowsill, jumping up onto the glass, and staring in. it came back about five times.