Butterfly Wall Thing

I cant remember where this image came from. but i cut it out and glued it onto some sheet music.

Jewellry Organiser

this thing is so handy. it is a corkboard. that is all. i just need to stick a new pin in if i make something else. i dont have it here, but if you hung a small chain up between two pins it would work well as an earring holder. i have also made a thread organiser on the other half of the corkboard but i have not photographed it yet.Image

Seashell Candles

I dont just do stuff with a glue gun, string and wire. i also heat up wax and get it all over myself! i always wanted to do these so eventually i decided to leave my piled-high-with-half-finished-craft-projects bedroom and take the cold walk down to our huge, even messier art cabin. these were the result!

Amazing Brownies

I cannot say more about these brownies. they are chocolatey and gooey and rich and can also be easily transformed into a cake or muffins. i added some flaked almonds to the muffins pictured below. they are also really easy to make!

100g Gluten free self raising flour (do use gluten free flour because it makes it really light and tasty)
250g Dark chocolate
250g Caster sugar
250g Butter or margarine
4 Eggs.

Melt the chocolate and butter together
Mix together the sugar and the eggs.
Add the melted chocolate and butter to the sugar and eggs
mix the flour in. (i honestly have no idea why the writing is blue)
Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180c