Feather Hair Clip

Apologies for my recent absence. I was away at a home education conference, which was awesome, and day after tomorrow I will be going into school for the first time ever, so I’m pretty busy, between tidying and getting ready and unpacking. The conference was really fun. I guessed the weight of a giant marrow and got it nearly right, so I won the marrow and a box of Ferraro Roche. I cant eat Ferraro Roche so I had to sneakily pull some out of the box and give them to people I knew and tried to hide it from the hordes of small boys who will do anything for chocolate.
I also discovered the extent of my gluten allergy, and got a reaction from a puff of flour in the air going into my mouth. It wasn’t the worst reaction I have ever got, but I felt so rubbish that I have sworn never to stand near someone baking ever again.
I made a feather hair clip. it was pretty easy.