Everything – Poem

Everything is watching

I sometimes find at those times
When everything just falls into its place,
And the sky becomes one with the earth and it floods
Through the fragile small body that
Holds me,

And my feelings become one with the earth
As tears fall from my eyes down to the roots.
In those times I can’t breathe because
All that is holding me’s so huge,
So beautiful and bright, So bright and huge
And whenever my hands find the earth
Among pavements I wrap my fingers
Round soil and plants just to get a bit closer.

In dark nights I wonder if all that ever mattered
Were the sky and the sea and the stones, but turning my face to the breeze I know,
That maybe they’re nothing at all.

And when I am falling to pieces I place my ears to the bark of the trees
I tell myself that maybe I’m part of the spirit that’s

moving through them

Just turn around please, somebody tell me that all that I am is not lost

That the dust on the breeze and the sky on my fingers can do something more
Than us all
But maybe

If the broken down houses and deserted forests can play, melodic, a chord among those once lost
The music of the flames, never stolen, can sing

Sing, Sing!

And all at once it bursts
Oh, the colours of the dawn, the growing of the leaves.
In the brilliant circles lie the real truths

It cannot be described. No.
It is the earth.

Art of Mentoring

I know it’s been a while, it’s been too long, in fact, but I have just been away in Scotland at the Art of Mentoring, again.

Last year I probably obsessed over it, and yes, I’m here to do that again. Honestly, though, I have never been happier in my entire life than I was there. The whole week was so sunny and warm and the people were just so amazing. I thought that it was good last year, and this year was a thousand times better. I have so many amazing, beautiful memories.
For those who don’t know, which I’d say most of you don’t, the Art of Mentoring UK is a week long nature immersion gathering, living in community, and it’s simply amazing. The teens, nicknamed the Kestrels, go off on our own camp and journey for the whole thing. I have made some amazing friends there and for the first time in my life I felt as if I was really a part of something. I could be myself and talk to others in ways I’m hardly ever able to. We were led by some amazing mentors, a good few of them almost our age, and the whole week was filled with happiness, joy and connection. We stayed up all night talking and singing, we played games to heighten our awareness, we talked openly in groups, we learned and shared skills, and really connected to nature. The weather was amazing and so despite not being allowed to bring tents on our journey away it was still lovely to sleep out under the stars (apart from the midges).

It’s been really hard coming home from that. I don’t even want to have to face a year without seeing the people I met there. It feels as if I’ve left home.