Woolen Cloak

I got myself some nice felted woolen cloth at the Battle of Clontarf reanactment thingy that came to Dublin last weekend. It was pretty awesome, if I may say so myself, although I was more interested in the traditional crafts that were being shown in the viking village. And so I made myself a cloak, despite the fact I only had 1×1.5 m2 of cloth. I had to do a patchwork hood with the cloth I’d cut off the edges while I was rounding them and the neckline when I cut it out. I attempted to make a pettern but it came out a bit… funky, cause I don’t remember any measurements I made. I remember how to do it but I don’t remember why, if you get my gist. I also made a little swirled wire clasp which actually works pretty well! I hand sewed everything. I can’t wait to use it in the woods! It’ll be good camouflage.
Here’s some photos:

Simple Summer Dress

It took me more time to make the pattern, take the photos and write this post than it took to make this dress. Oh and it was hand sewn. It’s that easy.
Basically you get a square of cloth, big, with hems already on it. I think what I used was a huge scarf or something. You fold it in half, sew down the sides, cut a neckhole, sew elastic onto the waist and if needed, tuck in a little bit, but other than that it’s basically just a square of cloth. It’s really comfy and light as well, perfect for really hot days (Not that we get many of those here)
Summer arrived today, so I’ll get on with it and give you the photos and pattern so I can go out and dance in the sun.
IMGP6816 IMGP6819Summer Dress Pattern

Button Ukulele Case

Yeh, I know I’m on a bit of a button roll, but whatever, buttons are awesome.
For my birthday, about a month ago, I got this awesome concert ukulele. It is absolutely amazing to play. It has such earthy, sweet tones and perfect tuning.
There was a case, too… But that was kinda boring.
And I couldn’t just leave it like that. No, that’s not what Amy does.
It’s not finished so I’m constantly adding bits on, but if you have any ideas what else I could do with it let me know!

And of course, some embroidery thread and feathers. Cause nothing’s complete without themIMGP3877 IMGP3879

Crafting stash

I was recently given this lovely little box of goodies.
Knowing my love for old craft materials, a friend of my mothers kindly donated it.
Inside, first I found all this wool.
Then these wonderful spools of thread (wooden of course)
This lovely pack of needles
They were rather well packed…
And finally, these strange needles. If anyone knows what they are designed for please notify me. My guess would be for something flat like upholstery that you would need a curved needle to go through.


Oh my, what just happened? One minute I was down in the cabin sewing and then I was sanding a spoon and now I am writing a post. but what happened in between that made me stop sewing? I was just about to pin the pleats and… I have no idea. I think I saw some wood carving tools. I get so easily distracted. It’s ridiculous. It usually happens when I am about to do something normal, that I don’t really think about, and I just wander off. I always take a long time to get dressed, or take a shower, just because I get distracted by something more interesting. Right now, I should be sewing. sewing, sewing, sewing.
Why am I even writing this? I probably don’t intend to post it, but I probably will.
I have less than a week left of being home educated and technically being a child. I am going to school for the first time ever and celebrating my 13th birthday on the same day. How unfair is that?
I’m going to be a teenager. Its the weirdest thing. I will most likely not really notice. But I will still make stuff. Don’t put it past me. I will probably make even more stuff, and crowd up my creative mess even more. My bedroom is such a crammed spot of craft materials, books, and overflowing drawers that I cant even call it a room. Just a mess. But it has always been in my nature to be messy. When I was little my room looked like a bomb full of toys had sailed through my window. now its the same, but with craft materials and books.
Why am I even bothering to blog on this anyway? Nobody really cares, and its not like I want to boast about what I have made. but I will keep going, because there are a small amount of people following my blog. thank you. especially the followers who have followed me since my first day.
I have been going on this for nearly half a year now, and…
Sorry. I really need to get back to my sewing.
I will post some more random crap on this on monday.


I made this a few moths ago, but i only managed to post it now. i made a pattern after, which i will post a photo of once i charge the camera battery’s. all three died on me at once 😦
it was very easy, and took me about half an hour to make. i did not have a pattern so that was a tad awkward. but anyway.