Inside out braids on short hair

Finally my hair is long enough to braid. Still not quite there, but I can tie it into two stupid little ponytails ๐Ÿ™‚
IMGP4921 IMGP4922

Donkey Birthday Cake

So, on Sunday my dad had his 50th birthday party.
I was cake-baker in chief, and so I made three cakes. The others were reasonably boring, Just a lemon cheesecake and a lemon polenta cake. (But they tasted pretty good anyways)
This follow my old chocolate brownie recipe.
IMGP4089 IMGP4096 IMGP4144 IMGP4147 IMGP4162

If anyone wants the recipe for the cake I can give it to them. The donkey is made out of pre-made fondant icing

And also, my cousin has some awesome hair and she was flipping it around so I snapped it… Pretty impressive?

IMGP4367 IMGP4369

The Rapunzel Foundation

So, a few months ago, I heard of this organization called the Rapunzel Foundation (
It gives children and adults suffering from alopecia, cancer or other hair loss related illnesses human hair wigs. It runs from donations, so people can go and get their hair cut and give the hair to be made into wigs.
It makes it easier for financially disadvantaged people suffering from hair loss to have human hair.
And yesterday, I gave my hair to them ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s only just short, but it’s a big difference for me cause I’ve never had short hair before. O_o. Every time I see myself reflected in things I get a fright. So no braids for the next while! I don’t regret cutting it, though. I’m happy to think that someone will have my hair who wouldn’t have been able to have hair otherwise.


Feather Hair Clip

Apologies for my recent absence. I was away at a home education conference, which was awesome, and day after tomorrow I will be going into school for the first time ever, so I’m pretty busy, between tidying and getting ready and unpacking. The conference was really fun. I guessed the weight of a giant marrow and got it nearly right, so I won the marrow and a box of Ferraro Roche. I cant eat Ferraro Roche so I had to sneakily pull some out of the box and give them to people I knew and tried to hide it from the hordes of small boys who will do anything for chocolate.
I also discovered the extent of my gluten allergy, and got a reaction from a puff of flour in the air going into my mouth. It wasn’t the worst reaction I have ever got, but I felt so rubbish that I have sworn never to stand near someone baking ever again.
I made a feather hair clip. it was pretty easy.

Wraparound Dutch Braid

I absolutely love dutch braids. They are easier than french braids, quicker than fishtails and look like they took hours to create. If you can french braid, you can dutch braid. its basically a french braid turned inside out, so instead of taking the left part and putting it over the part in the middle, you take the left part and put it under the middle strand, and so on, in the design of the french braid, so taking a strand from the main hair and adding it in.
my explanation is pretty rubbish so look up a tutorial if you want to learn!
I started at the top right hand side of my head and progressed down to the left, and then the rest of the braid goes over my shoulder.

Waterfall Twist

Apologies for the terrible photo. i could not find a mirror that had enough light. the right side of the waterfall twist fell apart when i was making the long twist bit. maybe if i had done it all anticlockwise. this hairsyle is much easier than it looks! i saw the waterfall twist section online but i made up the long twist bit myself, although i am sure it has been done. it is the same technique as the one i use for making cordage out of natural fibers, like raffia and brambles.Image