Simple Summer Dress

It took me more time to make the pattern, take the photos and write this post than it took to make this dress. Oh and it was hand sewn. It’s that easy.
Basically you get a square of cloth, big, with hems already on it. I think what I used was a huge scarf or something. You fold it in half, sew down the sides, cut a neckhole, sew elastic onto the waist and if needed, tuck in a little bit, but other than that it’s basically just a square of cloth. It’s really comfy and light as well, perfect for really hot days (Not that we get many of those here)
Summer arrived today, so I’ll get on with it and give you the photos and pattern so I can go out and dance in the sun.
IMGP6816 IMGP6819Summer Dress Pattern

I’m off to France; and other recent happenings

Wow, why must it take so long for me to post. Wow. Sorry about that hiatus.
Okay so what’s happening at the moment? Well I’m going to France pretty soon, 2 weeks I think! It’s an exchange thing, my partners really nice and I’m so excited to go! I’m also going to Scotland to AoM again obviously, which I’m so excited about. It’s my favourite place in the world. I love the people there so much. And I’m also going to Portugal to go camping, which I’m also crazy excited about. I can’t wait for the summer! The weather here is so nasty at the moment though 😦
I’ve been making a few things too, I made a REALLY easy dress the other day which I shall post soon; and some delicious gluten free cheese biscuits which I need to make a billion more of because they’re beautiful.
More on those later, for now here’s some pictures of walks I’ve been on recently:
IMGP6620 IMGP6623 IMGP6655 IMGP6657 IMGP6684 IMGP6744 IMGP6745

Crochet Hats

I still look forward to the day when I will finally be able to spell chrochet croshet crotchet crowshet croquet crochet right the first time round (okay I’m not actually that bad)
Anyway here are some hats I crocheted a few days ago! I did a funny stitch on the blue one and on the green/purple one I did a stitch underneath the large circle I made and crocheted downwards from that. I can’t really explain it, as I just learned to crochet and I don’t know any of the proper terms or stitches yet!
Here’s some rare photographs of my hats, my messy room and my face, all of which are hardly ever seen in public.
IMGP6727 IMGP6732 IMGP6737 IMGP6738

Blog Birthday!!!!

So it’s the 2 year anniversary of my blog! I only found out about it just now, otherwise I would have… I don’t know. But it was lucky I decided to post today, huh?

I guess I’ve been writing this meagre blog for a good while now. I know it’s not exactly… frequent, to say the least, and probably those of you who don’t personally know me don’t have a clue of what goes on in my life. I guess I paint a funny picture of it here.

I love blogging, I must say. Not because I get to show off the things I make or do to others. It just feels like an escape. Like someone else out there cares. I must say it’s pretty freaky having some people I know read this… Even though I don’t write anything personal, I guess it sorta portrays the person I would like to be. Not that I lie on my blog, but when I write and look at what I’ve said and what I’ve done, I feel like I’m writing as a different person, a more open, charismatic, extroverted person.

I find one thing extremely amusing, and not entirely comforting, and that’s when I look at my old posts. Even though I still consider myself 12, my 12 year old person was a very different one to the one she is now. I don’t know which one I prefer. But maybe if she had used a bloody capital ‘I’ every once and again while writing the blog, it would be easier to see her in another light. I’m not a grammar freak, but come on… you’re not texting, this is going to permanently on the interwebs. Can’t you see that, child? Aww I wasn’t even a teenager back then. I didn’t even go to school… I’ve no clue what I spent my life doing. No clue.

Okey dokey. I came on here to write about hats and now I’m reminiscing on my childhood. Okay. I need to write about hats now.

Also, thank you very much to my lovely followers, who, even if most probably don’t give a damn about my blog when they see it in their newsfeed or whatever, have still put up with my random wanderings when I do that. And my incessant weirdness.
Oh wait, I still need to write about hats. Damn.