Woolen Cloak

I got myself some nice felted woolen cloth at the Battle of Clontarf reanactment thingy that came to Dublin last weekend. It was pretty awesome, if I may say so myself, although I was more interested in the traditional crafts that were being shown in the viking village. And so I made myself a cloak, despite the fact I only had 1×1.5 m2 of cloth. I had to do a patchwork hood with the cloth I’d cut off the edges while I was rounding them and the neckline when I cut it out. I attempted to make a pettern but it came out a bit… funky, cause I don’t remember any measurements I made. I remember how to do it but I don’t remember why, if you get my gist. I also made a little swirled wire clasp which actually works pretty well! I hand sewed everything. I can’t wait to use it in the woods! It’ll be good camouflage.
Here’s some photos:

Simple Summer Dress

It took me more time to make the pattern, take the photos and write this post than it took to make this dress. Oh and it was hand sewn. It’s that easy.
Basically you get a square of cloth, big, with hems already on it. I think what I used was a huge scarf or something. You fold it in half, sew down the sides, cut a neckhole, sew elastic onto the waist and if needed, tuck in a little bit, but other than that it’s basically just a square of cloth. It’s really comfy and light as well, perfect for really hot days (Not that we get many of those here)
Summer arrived today, so I’ll get on with it and give you the photos and pattern so I can go out and dance in the sun.
IMGP6816 IMGP6819Summer Dress Pattern

Crochet Hats

I still look forward to the day when I will finally be able to spell chrochet croshet crotchet crowshet croquet crochet right the first time round (okay I’m not actually that bad)
Anyway here are some hats I crocheted a few days ago! I did a funny stitch on the blue one and on the green/purple one I did a stitch underneath the large circle I made and crocheted downwards from that. I can’t really explain it, as I just learned to crochet and I don’t know any of the proper terms or stitches yet!
Here’s some rare photographs of my hats, my messy room and my face, all of which are hardly ever seen in public.
IMGP6727 IMGP6732 IMGP6737 IMGP6738

Dress Pattern

This is the pattern for the dress i posted a few days ago.
if the instructions on the left are a bit confusing, here they are typed out.
So where there is lines on the figure, that is the place to measure all around.
A = M2x2 (so on the little figure, the line that says M2 is, measured out in cloth x2)
B&C = M2-M3 (or however long you want the dress to be from the height of M2)
E = M1+ 2 In on either side for buttons.
H = however wide you want the front to be.
I = M2- about 2 inches.


Measure out all the pieces of cloth and cut them to size, with about an inch extra for seams and mistakes.
Pin either end of the elastic to side A of the big rectangle of cloth. if you stretch the cloth with the elastic and it doesn’t fit, just cut the cloth to as far as the elastic stretches.
While stretching the cloth with the elastic, sew along the cloth with the elastic still stretching.
When you release the elastic after sewing, the cloth should bunch up to create a skirtish sort of thing.
Sew side A of the big piece to side E of the little piece, not stretching side A. make 2 inches on either side of the little piece come over the end for buttons.
Sew together sides B and C, making sure it in inside out. turn right side out and sew buttons and straps on, and you’re done! easy as anything.


I made this a few moths ago, but i only managed to post it now. i made a pattern after, which i will post a photo of once i charge the camera battery’s. all three died on me at once ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
it was very easy, and took me about half an hour to make. i did not have a pattern so that was a tad awkward. but anyway.