Copper and Cogs Wirework Pendant

IMGP3889I found this awesome little watch face in Scotland. I was at a little fair in Falkland and there was a man selling old jewellery. I immediately saw this and my heart lit up. I could see uncountable ways to make this into many things.
I took it to the man and asked him how much it was, and he replied ‘oh, that old thing’s not good for anything. You don’t need to pay for it!’
I slightly melted inside and so as soon as I got home I made this using the same wirework technique as I used on those complicated wirework pendants a while ago but I just didn’t make it quite as complex as I only used one thickness of wire and so it didn’t involve too much work.
I also made it double sided so that both sides could be used because they’re both really pretty.

Button Ukulele Case

Yeh, I know I’m on a bit of a button roll, but whatever, buttons are awesome.
For my birthday, about a month ago, I got this awesome concert ukulele. It is absolutely amazing to play. It has such earthy, sweet tones and perfect tuning.
There was a case, too… But that was kinda boring.
And I couldn’t just leave it like that. No, that’s not what Amy does.
It’s not finished so I’m constantly adding bits on, but if you have any ideas what else I could do with it let me know!

And of course, some embroidery thread and feathers. Cause nothing’s complete without themIMGP3877 IMGP3879

Interlocking Spiral Stick

This was probably one of the most complicated wooden pieces I have made. It was good fun though.
To make it, I carved two spirals opposite each other and slowly carved deeper and deeper until it broke through and made a hollow center.
I was inspired by someone at the Art of Mentoring who made this, so it’s not my idea. I also made a spoon with the same technique but I did not make it hollow as I thought it would be a little too fragile for everyday use.
2013-09-19 16.58.52 2013-09-19 16.59.17


I’m still not sure about this…. but I think I’m gonna let you guys hear my music 🙂
I’ve put a little on Soundcloud, these are just the songs I wrote myself the other day, I recorded them really badly so they’re not too good. I need to make better versions. I’m going to put up some more that me and my sister wrote together, too.
This is my Soundcloud name:
Don’t expect much ;p They’re not really finished yet and I only put up these ones for my sisters birthday, so I didn’t properly do them.

The day I went out walking

I just wrote this poem and have not edited at all, so excuse any odd wording or repetitions

One day I went out walking, a mountain stood before me.
Its fingers stretched out to the clouds, frozen in grey cold shards.
I wondered what had happened there, many years before.
Maybe some person went to the forest, running from their troubles,
They reached out their fingers in sorrow, and they cried,
Their tears running rivers, forever held in stone.
Maybe a tree was falling down, taking in the last rays,
Its bones held solid, but its life falling away,
It set itself into the stones, and stretched out to the sky.

One day I went out walking, a river ran beneath me,
Its rushing waters pulled at my heart, flowing through the world.
I wondered how its banks had carved, running to the sea.
Maybe the sky filled up too much, the water brimming at the edge,
When a mighty force called on the flood, the water poured,
It fell among giant tumbled stones, to run down to the sea.
Maybe life got all too hard, for a soul with a broken heart,
Her tears poured out, into the earth, who cradled her like a child,
The trees took her sorrow, and turned it into life.

One day I went out walking, the sun shone above me,
The shining rays sent warmth, piercing my cold blue skin.
I wondered why it burned so bright, always beating down.
Maybe in the night some child was cold, even with the fire below,
His mother despaired for his life, desperate for some warmth.
She sent her fire to the sun, and rekindled the burning light.
Maybe the trees sent back the light, and set it burning again,
The sun shone down once more, to warm the hearts of men,
And we danced in joy, to feel the gaze of the ever watching star.

That day I went out walking, the path was guiding my weary feet,
Footsteps worn by thousands, years before til now.
I wondered how many had stepped this road, although there was no one.
Maybe a child who danced and played, a father watching closely,
Maybe a worker carrying loads, a hunter out with the strangest eyes.
A person seeking ones once lost, to tell them all the forgotten times,
Maybe somebody didn’t know, where this path would lead,
They simply had to leave their past, through this stony path, this arch of leaves.
They ran to find a new life, and their feet fell where I stand.