Tiny Kitchen

i carved all the cabinet sides, the tap, the kettle, the table, the bread, the toaster and the hob out of balsa. the marble counter tops were splattered with white, black, gold and brown paint (applied with a toothbrush). the base of the chairs are bent bead caps, and i did the (pretty awful) painting beside the unfinished windowImage



Miniature House

I have been saving this up, and working really hard, and finally, it is mostly finished! there is still alot of tweaking and prodding and snipping to do, but i have the basic idea there. i think this is the first in a long line of tiny houses! and this is not barbie doll size. the entire frame of the house is a shoebox.
im going to post each room in a seperate post, just for my own sake.

this is one of the bedrooms:


(miniature drawings on the wall)


(tiny clock)


(and a tiny bookshelf)

tomorrow i will post pictures of bedroom number two.