Croatia, Days 6,7,8,9 & 10, Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a beautiful city. again, we mostly hung around the old town, and only left for trips to islands (Lokrum and Miljet) but it was a bit more tourist oriented than Split. i would make a wild guess and say that about 70-80% of the people around us were not Croatian.



On one of the days we visited Lokrum, an island right beside Dubrovnik. there was peacocks everywhere, a beautiful clear saltwater lake, which i swam floundered drowned jumped walked around in for a while.
there was also a beautiful olive grove. i walked through a tree.


on our last day we went to Miljet, the island that Odysseus stayed on for seven years with the trapped daugher of Atlas, Calypso. the myth goes that he was stranded there, in a cave beside a lake. Calypso took care of him, and she wanted him to stay. but Odysseus had a wife, a son and a kingdom to go back to. you see, Calypso’s curse was that every few years a hero would arrive on her island, one that she could not help but fall in love with, but that the hero would always have to leave. this was because she was the daughter of one of the titans, the enemy’s of the gods. Miljet was beautiful, but i forgot to bring a camera. oh well. also, the sea was ridiculously choppy.

the next day we left, from warm, slightly cloudy Croatia, over to raining, cold Ireland. i honestly cannot fathom why anyone would want to have a holiday in this country. brr.

Croatia, Days 4 & 5, Split

Split had the most wonderful atmosphere of any city I have ever been to. Well, we didn’t venture much outside Diocletians palace, and I know that the other parts are different, but to walk through the old alleyways with houses built right into the walls of the ancient roman palace, and to wander aimlessly in the warm evenings among the old, worn stones on the pavement is such a magical experience, I could have easily spent tons more time there. As we entered through the golden gate for the first time, a few kids were kicking a football around the ancient walls, giving it the feeling of being used, not left to crumble to dust while tourists walk around, meters away, forbidden to enter the walls. That was one thing i found hard about my visit to greece last year. It was like everything was too treasured, and locked up inside stuffy museums. If something was made to be used, use it!
We climbed up the tall tower in the photo on the right, but on about the third section down from the top, my fear of steps that have gaps in the side became too strong and I had to go back down to the place where the bell was. apparently the view from the top wasn’t as good as the one from where I was, though.

Croatia, Days 1,2, and 3. Plitvice and other things.

I havent been posting (or making) much, because i was away on a wonderful ten-day holiday in Croatia. i saw pictures of Plitvice lakes a while ago, and then more and more photos, until me and my sister suggested it as a place to go, and so we did. since i got back yesterday i have been in shock with this terrible, windy, rainy weather over here in wet, rainy Ireland. Ireland is actually usually ok weatherwise, but it turned bad when we left. just living up to its stereotype of permanent rain. in Croatia it reached up to 34c, or so our car said, so coming back to 15c was pretty nasty.
Day 1 was pretty uneventful, with a flight going to London and then to Zadar. the warm wind when we got off the plane was absolutely incredible. we didn’t hang around in Zadar, however, so we got in the car and drove on the beautiful road over to Plitvice. here are some photos of Paklenica national park and around that area, where we were driving but didn’t stop off.

our camera has a permanent black dot on the lens, so that ruined alot of the photos.

the next day we went to entrance 2 of Plitvice national park. beleive me, some photographs make you think that it couldnt be real. but its even more stunning than the photos. it is paradise. unfortunatley it was a bit cloudy that day so we didnt get the extreme blue colour until later on, but still.

All the photos above were from entrance two, where we went on our first day in Plitvice. the photos below are from entrance one, where we went on the second day.

It is more beautiful than it look in photos. i took all these photos myself, which explains the unawesomeness of them…
i will post photos of Split tomorrow!