Mint chocolate birthday cake

I made this for my grandmother as it was her birthday. I multiplied my brownie recipe by 1.5 and then put it in two cake pans.
I used pre-made fondant to make the roses and the leaves, and I made the buttercream icing from scratch (with an element of failure, notice the ‘chocolate chips’? That was because the icing was too hard to spread and it picked up bits of the cake. then my dad magically thought of using a hairdryer to melt the icing a little. It worked a treat, and then I added green food colouring (too much, of course) to disguise the brown-ness)
Overall it was not too challenging, and only took about 3 hours overall (including baking times)
IMG_2100IMG_2097 IMG_2102

New theme!

You may notice that I have a new theme!
You probably haven’t, though.
I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I won’t make excuses, I have been very lazy and have just not got off my butt to take some photographs of what I have been making. But I have photos, and I am in the process of getting them onto the blog right now.