Slightly more complex wire tree.

I put beads on this one, and it is tiny, more detailed and better proportioned.Image

Raspberry Vegan Banana Ice Cream

This is seriously good. In my opinion, its better than ice cream, which is good, considering I cant (or maybe just don’t) eat ice cream. Although frozen yogurt is so tasty I cannot substitute it with banana. Also, it is 3 servings of fruit if you eat half of the below recipe, 6 if you eat all of it.
Serves 4 (or two people with normal stomach capacity)
4 Bananas
A handful of raspberries. (or cinnamon or cocoa powder or everything…)
freeze the bananas for about five hours. if frozen overnight, defrost a bit before blending. I’m still fishing bits of banana from my hair. it goes everywhere if its like a block of ice.
Blend the bananas and the raspberries together.
Ta-da! Delicious, healthy ice cream.

Wraparound Dutch Braid

I absolutely love dutch braids. They are easier than french braids, quicker than fishtails and look like they took hours to create. If you can french braid, you can dutch braid. its basically a french braid turned inside out, so instead of taking the left part and putting it over the part in the middle, you take the left part and put it under the middle strand, and so on, in the design of the french braid, so taking a strand from the main hair and adding it in.
my explanation is pretty rubbish so look up a tutorial if you want to learn!
I started at the top right hand side of my head and progressed down to the left, and then the rest of the braid goes over my shoulder.


I am amazed by music. Every time i listen to Warpaint, or Slowdive, or pretty much anything else i have been obsessed with over the last while, i just wonder. It is an incredible thing, how a few strings being strummed on a guitar can make me laugh, cry, dance, or maybe all at once. Vibrations. That is all it is. but it has the power to do nearly everything. we create music every day, in a sense, even if it is just tapping on a keyboard to the music playing on our computer or speaking into a phone, it is music. i always get really annoyed when two clocks are ticking unevenly, and the songs on constant repeat in my head cannot latch onto the rhythm.
When i started to learn the piano, i realized that playing and singing were even better than listening. to create that noise, have it come from your own finger and mouth, your brain and nerves and muscles and everything between, is an amazing experience. even if you are not musical, i would recommend learning some instrument that you love. it is never too late to learn how to play something. i started playing cello just last October, and did my grade two exam in June.
Until I was about eight, i never realized that i could even like something that wasn’t trad music or the soundtrack to Spirit. and then my sister got me into Blur, and i started actually listening to stuff like the Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers, and other things i cannot remember at this moment. from then on there was phases of many bands, all lasting about a month each. in January i became obsessed with warpaint. and i still am, with a few occasional weeks of Slowdive, The Velvet Underground and Holden (who are an obscure french band that nobody knows, but are awesome.). 
I permanently have a song from one of those bands going around in my head, currently Ce Que Je Suis by Holden.
I want to learn guitar and bass, too, but i only know a few tunes.