Carved leaf pendants

Here are some newer versions of the wooden leaf pendants I blogged about a little while ago.
It’s been a very very very long time since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry! I’ll really try to post more now that I’m free from school for about 18 months! Longest summer holiday ever. I’m so happy to not be going back anytime soon, even though I’ll miss it. Also, I was in Portugal for ten days, so I couldn’t exactly post when I was there, seeing as I was in a house/tent in a rural mountain valley with no internet. It was lovely.
I’m making a lot of these, with maybe the intention of setting up an Etsy to sell them? I just don’t know if anyone would be interested. Would any of you guys be interested? They probably wouldn’t be over €15 so not exactly bank breaking. The backs can also have a custom design on them 🙂
Here’s some I’ve made lately (back and front).
IMGP7356 IMGP7357

Wooden Spoon

My first carved spoon. I’m very proud. I used a wood burning tool to create the patterns. to hollow out the bowl, I used a hot coal from a campfire, put it in the bowl, and blew on it until it burnt the shape out. all you need is a stick, another stick and a knife.
I carved it from there. I ate a yoghurt with it, and it tasted a bit like burnt hot dog, but that’s ok.