Swirled wire earrings

Pretty similar to the ones I made ages ago, but with thicker wire and a shorter stem.
So, it’s a bank holiday today. Usually I would be happy to miss a day of school. But a Monday? I love Mondays! No Irish, double art, it’s just the best. But I have to have a Tuesday. Not good. I have an Ancient Greek exam which I have not studied for, and loads of Irish class. And I can not, for the life of me, do Irish. I got 37% on it 😦 It was, as my math teacher would say, an outlier in my results that brought my average down a lot. And I can’t get an exemption either. So six (or five :() more years left of failing on of my exams every time.


Beaded Copper Wire Earrings

I made these from a picture in an advertisement in a wirework magazine.
I am so, so sorry about my postage shortage. I have just been so busy, and because of the light shortage before and after school, I can only take decent photos at the weekends. Or maybe I will build a lightbox.
I used my trusty cobblers block to hammer this. I think it gives a beautiful texture on the side that was against the metal