Wooden Leaf Pendant

I’m currently a tad obsessed with making these. They’re really easy and pretty. I just carved the wood into a leaf shape and then burned in the designs, a leaf on the front and other random naturey stuff of the back. I’ve made about four and I’m on another one right now!
IMGP6393 IMGP6399

Wood burned sign

I just made this little thing with a wood burner.
And a knife.
If I could type a suspicious evil face I would.
And a hand drill.
And some sandpaper.
Maybe a pencil? Not sure.
Anyhow, all dangerous weapons, yaaay.
Maybe not sandpaper though. Just… painful. Not easily resulting in death as the others.

I’m not actually this creepy.

(Add another suspicious smileyface here)

I’m not really sure what I should do with this, maybe put it on a bag of forest tools or somethin’?

Beech Nut Earrings

I love beech nuts. To look at, to eat, everything. The only thing better is the tree itself. So why not use two of my favourite materials to make a pair of earrings?
A piece of copper wire stretches underneath the segments and holds the top in place, so they’re pretty secure.
I love making things out of natural findings. I was trying to make something similar with a hazelnut shell but it didn’t work :/ ah well.

Swirled wire earrings

Pretty similar to the ones I made ages ago, but with thicker wire and a shorter stem.
So, it’s a bank holiday today. Usually I would be happy to miss a day of school. But a Monday? I love Mondays! No Irish, double art, it’s just the best. But I have to have a Tuesday. Not good. I have an Ancient Greek exam which I have not studied for, and loads of Irish class. And I can not, for the life of me, do Irish. I got 37% on it 😦 It was, as my math teacher would say, an outlier in my results that brought my average down a lot. And I can’t get an exemption either. So six (or five :() more years left of failing on of my exams every time.


Blog Birthday!

So, today, one year ago, I made this blog! I didn’t think it would last this far, to be honest with you.
I started then with the idea of making stuff and putting it online. I suppose it still is. But now I post about more than just my crafts, usually.
Then, I didn’t go to school, and had no intention to. But with my friends gone, and my being rather lonely, I did decide to. But you can thank that for my crafting, as my lack of friends prompted to stay in the house more, therefore make more, bake more, and blog more. Those who have followed me since then have probably noticed how my posting has considerably dwindled since September. But for me, school has been a blessing, not because of the homework and schoolwork, but because of the amazing people I have encountered there. I am so lucky to have met the people I now, after a few months, love so much.
But I still craft, even though I have less time. It is still my escape, where I go into a crazy meditative trance while crafting and making jewellery. If I have music on while making things, it is even more relaxing. Some days, when I have too much homework, I just don’t do it and sit in my room twirling wire for hours. Even though homework detention is looming the next day, I don’t care, because I made something.
I think that’s why I started crafting in the very first place. A world of freedom where my mind can soar is the best gift I could have.