Button Ukulele Case

Yeh, I know I’m on a bit of a button roll, but whatever, buttons are awesome.
For my birthday, about a month ago, I got this awesome concert ukulele. It is absolutely amazing to play. It has such earthy, sweet tones and perfect tuning.
There was a case, too… But that was kinda boring.
And I couldn’t just leave it like that. No, that’s not what Amy does.
It’s not finished so I’m constantly adding bits on, but if you have any ideas what else I could do with it let me know!

And of course, some embroidery thread and feathers. Cause nothing’s complete without themIMGP3877 IMGP3879


I’m still not sure about this…. but I think I’m gonna let you guys hear my music 🙂
I’ve put a little on Soundcloud, these are just the songs I wrote myself the other day, I recorded them really badly so they’re not too good. I need to make better versions. I’m going to put up some more that me and my sister wrote together, too.
This is my Soundcloud name: https://soundcloud.com/a-cloud-of-birds
Don’t expect much ;p They’re not really finished yet and I only put up these ones for my sisters birthday, so I didn’t properly do them.

The Ukulele


This here is the dear ukulele I play all day.
It is not of great quality, the frets are placed slightly off so there are some chords that never can be in tune, it is tinny, but I still love it.
Because this is the most amazing little instrument I have come across in a while.

To start off with, it sounds great and makes everyone happy, including the player of it. There is something about the sound of it that fills everyone around with joy. Every time someone sees my ukulele they instantly love me. It’s really weird. It has some sort of happiness vibe emanating from it.

It is incredibly easy to learn. All I had to do was print out a chord sheet, figure out how to read the chord sheet, and within two weeks of on and off fiddling by myself I had a pretty good knowledge of the chords and switching between them. By now, I can play every chord that doesn’t have some sort of number added, and a few of them too. I have worked out the pickings of a few songs I love.

Also, they are generally pretty cheap. For the most basic you could pay 10, although it would sound rubbish, the one I have now cost about 80, and for a pretty good one you would pay maybe 150 quid. All in all, for what you get, it is priceless.

So why not learn? Pick up a rubbish one, find some lessons, be amazing and awesome in a few days, have a wonderful, portable instrument to play.
You can only get happiness from it.

Untitled post.

I don’t really know what to say.
I got a new printer, at least. One bit of unnecessary information you never needed to know.
So, why am I writing a post?
I never know these things, much.

In other little bits of my mind-

I cannot get Nude by Radiohead out of my head.

I have mostly taught myself the ukulele succesfully, and just stood up in front of half of my school and played and sang in front of them at the speech competition

I am still, still, still completely in love with the beautiful music of Warpaint. Will I ever grow sick of them?

My ear piercing infection is better! The lady said it wouldn’t heal but all I needed was some tea-tree cream and some other cream and I was fine!

I finished Jane Eyre.

I made the most bloody incredible fudge ever in the word ever. I will post photos soon.

I want the summer. Now. And leafy trees. And I really want to eat beech leaves. Did I ever mention my random cravings to eat beech leaves, primroses, and elderflowers? A little unusual, but they are the most wonderful foods.

And I wish I didn’t have to wear so many layers of clothes in this weather. I hate the cold with a fervent passion that makes me irritable and grumpy. how I long to simply  run through the trees wearing a light dress and sit in the sunny, shady forest, and breathe the fresh, warm air of the mountainside.

There is a lot more going through my mind, but you know, I won’t say all of it.

Music? Oh no. Music

I know I have posted about music quite a bit before. But what is up with music at the moment. It is like modern music has gone on a general downfall since the 60s. It depends on what you consider good. But, when I look at the charts today, the only conclusion I can make is that the music buyers of today have lost all taste in what can in any way be considered music.
Ok. I know I have my own taste in music, and lots of people love chart music (obviously). Well, I suppose that once in a blue moon something, just something slightly decent with some sort of musicality or talent involved in writing it may sneak it’s way to somewhere on that list of total rubbish. But only sometimes.
I just don’t understand how anyone could find that mulched up, electronic, auto-tuned, ear-splitting mess of random yet horribly predictable and stereotypical notes in any way satisfying to our wonderful hearing instruments.
I wonder if I am one of the only people of my generation that actually is moved by music, music just makes me cry, laugh, dance and sing all at once. I often do that. Sometimes the music actually physically hurts me, it is so beautiful. I don’t quite know what makes me react in such a way, but it is usually a certain chord, or a bass line, or some sort of harmony. Sometimes just the song is enough to do that for me.

I just wish, with all my heart, that maybe, possibly, sometime, I may be able to see that the majority of the population is listening to some sort of tune. But even when you look at chart music from 2005, it will have a little more musicality that the music of now. and if you look at the mid 90’s, there is a lot more. and it just keeps getting better, however far you go back. Who knows. maybe early bacteria made exceedingly beautiful music.


I am amazed by music. Every time i listen to Warpaint, or Slowdive, or pretty much anything else i have been obsessed with over the last while, i just wonder. It is an incredible thing, how a few strings being strummed on a guitar can make me laugh, cry, dance, or maybe all at once. Vibrations. That is all it is. but it has the power to do nearly everything. we create music every day, in a sense, even if it is just tapping on a keyboard to the music playing on our computer or speaking into a phone, it is music. i always get really annoyed when two clocks are ticking unevenly, and the songs on constant repeat in my head cannot latch onto the rhythm.
When i started to learn the piano, i realized that playing and singing were even better than listening. to create that noise, have it come from your own finger and mouth, your brain and nerves and muscles and everything between, is an amazing experience. even if you are not musical, i would recommend learning some instrument that you love. it is never too late to learn how to play something. i started playing cello just last October, and did my grade two exam in June.
Until I was about eight, i never realized that i could even like something that wasn’t trad music or the soundtrack to Spirit. and then my sister got me into Blur, and i started actually listening to stuff like the Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers, and other things i cannot remember at this moment. from then on there was phases of many bands, all lasting about a month each. in January i became obsessed with warpaint. and i still am, with a few occasional weeks of Slowdive, The Velvet Underground and Holden (who are an obscure french band that nobody knows, but are awesome.). 
I permanently have a song from one of those bands going around in my head, currently Ce Que Je Suis by Holden.
I want to learn guitar and bass, too, but i only know a few tunes.