Donkey Birthday Cake

So, on Sunday my dad had his 50th birthday party.
I was cake-baker in chief, and so I made three cakes. The others were reasonably boring, Just a lemon cheesecake and a lemon polenta cake. (But they tasted pretty good anyways)
This follow my old chocolate brownie recipe.
IMGP4089 IMGP4096 IMGP4144 IMGP4147 IMGP4162

If anyone wants the recipe for the cake I can give it to them. The donkey is made out of pre-made fondant icing

And also, my cousin has some awesome hair and she was flipping it around so I snapped it… Pretty impressive?

IMGP4367 IMGP4369

Orange Drizzle Cake with Chocolate Buttercream (GF, DF)

This is one of my favourite stand-by recipes, it’s really easy to make and always delicious!
There’s a bit of a disaster story with this, however.
So, last weekend I went to a singing weekend. Every year I bring a cake. This year, I decided to make this one:
Yup. Doesn’t it look pretty amazing? Sorry. But usually I mess up on cakes, this cake, I didn’t. There was orange drizzle. Rich chocolate icing.
So I put it in a box, clearly labelled “this way up” with arrows pointing in the right direction. I put it on a shelf in the back room.
And the next day, it was upside down.
I don’t know who, I don’t know why. But they missed out on some good cake thanks to their ignorance, as it was virtually crumbs and icingy mush after. At least it was still a bit edible.
So of course, I took it home. Not presentable to anyone else. Ahem. I got to eat a bit more of it than I would have originally thought. On the bright side, my sister got some too 🙂
Also: I am going to Scotland for ten days for a nature camp! I will be camping all week (fingers crossed for the weather to continue) and hopefully it will be awesome. But no posts for ten days! I’m leaving tomorrow. Can’t wait!

120g butter substitute, I use Pure
120g caster sugar
120g gluten free self raising flour, I use Doves Farm
2 eggs
1 orange
20g icing sugar

for the icing… Just make your usual chocolate buttercream, dairy free or not.

Preheat the oven to 190c
Mix together the butter and the sugar until creamy
Beat the eggs and then mix them in
Zest the orange and juice half of it into the bowl, mix into the egg/butter/sugar
Sift the flour into the bowl, mix.
Put it in a cake tin and bake for 20 minutes, or until golden brown on top.
Mix the other half of the orange with the icing sugar, and when the cake is baked, stab the cake with a fork a few times and drizzle the drizzle all over it 🙂
Ice as needed, chocolate icing tastes amazing on this!

Mint chocolate birthday cake

I made this for my grandmother as it was her birthday. I multiplied my brownie recipe by 1.5 and then put it in two cake pans.
I used pre-made fondant to make the roses and the leaves, and I made the buttercream icing from scratch (with an element of failure, notice the ‘chocolate chips’? That was because the icing was too hard to spread and it picked up bits of the cake. then my dad magically thought of using a hairdryer to melt the icing a little. It worked a treat, and then I added green food colouring (too much, of course) to disguise the brown-ness)
Overall it was not too challenging, and only took about 3 hours overall (including baking times)
IMG_2100IMG_2097 IMG_2102

Amazing Brownies

I cannot say more about these brownies. they are chocolatey and gooey and rich and can also be easily transformed into a cake or muffins. i added some flaked almonds to the muffins pictured below. they are also really easy to make!

100g Gluten free self raising flour (do use gluten free flour because it makes it really light and tasty)
250g Dark chocolate
250g Caster sugar
250g Butter or margarine
4 Eggs.

Melt the chocolate and butter together
Mix together the sugar and the eggs.
Add the melted chocolate and butter to the sugar and eggs
mix the flour in. (i honestly have no idea why the writing is blue)
Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180c