Copper and Cogs Wirework Pendant

IMGP3889I found this awesome little watch face in Scotland. I was at a little fair in Falkland and there was a man selling old jewellery. I immediately saw this and my heart lit up. I could see uncountable ways to make this into many things.
I took it to the man and asked him how much it was, and he replied ‘oh, that old thing’s not good for anything. You don’t need to pay for it!’
I slightly melted inside and so as soon as I got home I made this using the same wirework technique as I used on those complicated wirework pendants a while ago but I just didn’t make it quite as complex as I only used one thickness of wire and so it didn’t involve too much work.
I also made it double sided so that both sides could be used because they’re both really pretty.

Miniature House

I have been saving this up, and working really hard, and finally, it is mostly finished! there is still alot of tweaking and prodding and snipping to do, but i have the basic idea there. i think this is the first in a long line of tiny houses! and this is not barbie doll size. the entire frame of the house is a shoebox.
im going to post each room in a seperate post, just for my own sake.

this is one of the bedrooms:


(miniature drawings on the wall)


(tiny clock)


(and a tiny bookshelf)

tomorrow i will post pictures of bedroom number two.