Autumn is starting!

Hello blog! I think I have a few new followers thanks to my post on unschooling being spread around a bit. Thanks for all your kind words.
Last week I was in the beautiful country of Wales visiting some beautiful people who I met at the Art of Mentoring in Scotland. I feel so happy now and rejuvenated by the experience, albeit extremely sad to have to leave such amazing people in another country.
However, I can say that autumn has started, which I’m happy about, oddly enough, as I am a summer lover through and through. This October has been strangely warm though so I’m actually looking forward to when we actually get our first frost, which usually happens in August! Ireland has such a tiny temperature range in comparison to the rest of the world.
Now that the rain and cold has commenced, I can start on my winter crafting fest and drink copious amounts of ginger tea and bake and wear my beautiful handmade new hat and gloves (permanently) and blog and see the forest in a way I haven’t properly seen it in two years thanks to school taking up my days. And most of all I can write! I can write my book, I can write short stories, poems, songs, music, everything! I’m so happy!
To think that I would be sitting in school preparing for the most pointless exam in the world…. I learned when I was in Wales that in Britain the GCSEs actually get you somewhere and matter (If you want to go down the regular route) Whereas in Ireland the Junior Cert, the equivalent, literally affects nothing. It’s basically just a big mock exam for the Leaving Cert three years later. Why?

Hope all you are faring well


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