Untitled post.

I don’t really know what to say.
I got a new printer, at least. One bit of unnecessary information you never needed to know.
So, why am I writing a post?
I never know these things, much.

In other little bits of my mind-

I cannot get Nude by Radiohead out of my head.

I have mostly taught myself the ukulele succesfully, and just stood up in front of half of my school and played and sang in front of them at the speech competition

I am still, still, still completely in love with the beautiful music of Warpaint. Will I ever grow sick of them?

My ear piercing infection is better! The lady said it wouldn’t heal but all I needed was some tea-tree cream and some other cream and I was fine!

I finished Jane Eyre.

I made the most bloody incredible fudge ever in the word ever. I will post photos soon.

I want the summer. Now. And leafy trees. And I really want to eat beech leaves. Did I ever mention my random cravings to eat beech leaves, primroses, and elderflowers? A little unusual, but they are the most wonderful foods.

And I wish I didn’t have to wear so many layers of clothes in this weather. I hate the cold with a fervent passion that makes me irritable and grumpy. how I long to simply  run through the trees wearing a light dress and sit in the sunny, shady forest, and breathe the fresh, warm air of the mountainside.

There is a lot more going through my mind, but you know, I won’t say all of it.

The Summer. Where Is It?

I am seeing all these things about everywhere being warm. ahem. not in Ireland. i know that’s why its green. but honestly, i need some sun. I live on sunshine. I mean, right now, its sunny, and the temperature on the car said it was 18c, but there is a wind blowing that chills me. and for some countries, that’s cold. but here, its hot. the only thing i hate about Ireland is the weather. Its the only reason i would ever consider moving somewhere else. although i don’t really have that option right now, seeing as I’m twelve.
The only consistent good weather we have had this year was in March for about a week, and in May for about a week. other than that, its been awful. in June there was more than double the average rainfall, and July wasn’t too good either.
All i ask for is a bit of warmth, that is not going to burst into thunder at any point in the day?
I don’t think that’s a very likely demand to be fulfilled, seeing as there isn’t many people who can actually change the weather…
the weather forecast for tomorrow is for sunny spells and spot flooding. oh dear.