Button Ukulele Case

Yeh, I know I’m on a bit of a button roll, but whatever, buttons are awesome.
For my birthday, about a month ago, I got this awesome concert ukulele. It is absolutely amazing to play. It has such earthy, sweet tones and perfect tuning.
There was a case, too… But that was kinda boring.
And I couldn’t just leave it like that. No, that’s not what Amy does.
It’s not finished so I’m constantly adding bits on, but if you have any ideas what else I could do with it let me know!

And of course, some embroidery thread and feathers. Cause nothing’s complete without themIMGP3877 IMGP3879


I’m still not sure about this…. but I think I’m gonna let you guys hear my music 🙂
I’ve put a little on Soundcloud, these are just the songs I wrote myself the other day, I recorded them really badly so they’re not too good. I need to make better versions. I’m going to put up some more that me and my sister wrote together, too.
This is my Soundcloud name: https://soundcloud.com/a-cloud-of-birds
Don’t expect much ;p They’re not really finished yet and I only put up these ones for my sisters birthday, so I didn’t properly do them.

The Ukulele


This here is the dear ukulele I play all day.
It is not of great quality, the frets are placed slightly off so there are some chords that never can be in tune, it is tinny, but I still love it.
Because this is the most amazing little instrument I have come across in a while.

To start off with, it sounds great and makes everyone happy, including the player of it. There is something about the sound of it that fills everyone around with joy. Every time someone sees my ukulele they instantly love me. It’s really weird. It has some sort of happiness vibe emanating from it.

It is incredibly easy to learn. All I had to do was print out a chord sheet, figure out how to read the chord sheet, and within two weeks of on and off fiddling by myself I had a pretty good knowledge of the chords and switching between them. By now, I can play every chord that doesn’t have some sort of number added, and a few of them too. I have worked out the pickings of a few songs I love.

Also, they are generally pretty cheap. For the most basic you could pay 10, although it would sound rubbish, the one I have now cost about 80, and for a pretty good one you would pay maybe 150 quid. All in all, for what you get, it is priceless.

So why not learn? Pick up a rubbish one, find some lessons, be amazing and awesome in a few days, have a wonderful, portable instrument to play.
You can only get happiness from it.