Simple Summer Dress

It took me more time to make the pattern, take the photos and write this post than it took to make this dress. Oh and it was hand sewn. It’s that easy.
Basically you get a square of cloth, big, with hems already on it. I think what I used was a huge scarf or something. You fold it in half, sew down the sides, cut a neckhole, sew elastic onto the waist and if needed, tuck in a little bit, but other than that it’s basically just a square of cloth. It’s really comfy and light as well, perfect for really hot days (Not that we get many of those here)
Summer arrived today, so I’ll get on with it and give you the photos and pattern so I can go out and dance in the sun.
IMGP6816 IMGP6819Summer Dress Pattern

Raspberry Vegan Banana Ice Cream

This is seriously good. In my opinion, its better than ice cream, which is good, considering I cant (or maybe just don’t) eat ice cream. Although frozen yogurt is so tasty I cannot substitute it with banana. Also, it is 3 servings of fruit if you eat half of the below recipe, 6 if you eat all of it.
Serves 4 (or two people with normal stomach capacity)
4 Bananas
A handful of raspberries. (or cinnamon or cocoa powder or everything…)
freeze the bananas for about five hours. if frozen overnight, defrost a bit before blending. I’m still fishing bits of banana from my hair. it goes everywhere if its like a block of ice.
Blend the bananas and the raspberries together.
Ta-da! Delicious, healthy ice cream.


I made this a few moths ago, but i only managed to post it now. i made a pattern after, which i will post a photo of once i charge the camera battery’s. all three died on me at once 😦
it was very easy, and took me about half an hour to make. i did not have a pattern so that was a tad awkward. but anyway.