The Rapunzel Foundation

So, a few months ago, I heard of this organization called the Rapunzel Foundation (
It gives children and adults suffering from alopecia, cancer or other hair loss related illnesses human hair wigs. It runs from donations, so people can go and get their hair cut and give the hair to be made into wigs.
It makes it easier for financially disadvantaged people suffering from hair loss to have human hair.
And yesterday, I gave my hair to them ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s only just short, but it’s a big difference for me cause I’ve never had short hair before. O_o. Every time I see myself reflected in things I get a fright. So no braids for the next while! I don’t regret cutting it, though. I’m happy to think that someone will have my hair who wouldn’t have been able to have hair otherwise.


Waterfall Twist

Apologies for the terrible photo. i could not find a mirror that had enough light. the right side of the waterfall twist fell apart when i was making the long twist bit. maybe if i had done it all anticlockwise. this hairsyle is much easier than it looks! i saw the waterfall twist section online but i made up the long twist bit myself, although i am sure it has been done. it is the same technique as the one i use for making cordage out of natural fibers, like raffia and brambles.Image