Update, Merry Christmas and Drawings!

To all of you followers who still exist… Thank you. I’m not a very good blogger, am I? Well I have some reasons for my absence. Blatant excuses.
It’s so dark here? As soon as I get home it’s too dark to take photos of anythingwhatsoever.
And also, school is cruel to me, and I’m a total procrastinator, so basically, I spend my free time sitting around eating trying to do my homework and failing and not doing my homework and still spending four hours on it. Every night. I hate homework. Homework is my arch nemesis. I’m not violent, but if homework was something I would kill, I would kill it a million times. I would cast homework into the depths of Tartarus to suffer forever with the titans.
Yeah, I don’t really like homework. Or work. Gimme a ukulele, a piano, a wire cutters and wire, a notebook/sketchbook, a pencil, and an unlimited supply of chai and chocolate and send me to the woods for the rest of my life, then I’d be happy, and productive. There are an unlimited supply of curse words in numerous languages that I would use to describe the education system, all of which too vulgar to use here. Ah well…
So yeah, I’ve not been doing much recently, but I’ve been drawing a good bit, of course. I loooooove drawing.
It’s watching you….

Yeah but I had a good Christmas. I didn’t get too much stuff, thank god. Just the things I actually wanted and needed. Including a HAMMOCK sorry I still can’t handle the fact that this summer I’ll be able to camp hanging between two trees. And I got looooads of books. Good ones. I’m so excited. There’s nature books, some by Tom Brown, basically the most inspiring writer evvvveeeeerrrr, ones about animal folklore, survival guides, and then lots of French books to help me learn, incuding Harry Potter and Greek mythology French books. I’m so excited to read them all, I don’t know where to start.
And oh. Did I mention the chocolate? Thought not. There’s a LOT of chocolate.



Book earrings

Due to my love of reading, books, and old things, I crafted these earrings up a year or two ago (one of my first steps into jewellery making) out of cardboard and paper. I recently modified them for pierced ears, rather than the original clip-on style.

Untitled post.

I don’t really know what to say.
I got a new printer, at least. One bit of unnecessary information you never needed to know.
So, why am I writing a post?
I never know these things, much.

In other little bits of my mind-

I cannot get Nude by Radiohead out of my head.

I have mostly taught myself the ukulele succesfully, and just stood up in front of half of my school and played and sang in front of them at the speech competition

I am still, still, still completely in love with the beautiful music of Warpaint. Will I ever grow sick of them?

My ear piercing infection is better! The lady said it wouldn’t heal but all I needed was some tea-tree cream and some other cream and I was fine!

I finished Jane Eyre.

I made the most bloody incredible fudge ever in the word ever. I will post photos soon.

I want the summer. Now. And leafy trees. And I really want to eat beech leaves. Did I ever mention my random cravings to eat beech leaves, primroses, and elderflowers? A little unusual, but they are the most wonderful foods.

And I wish I didn’t have to wear so many layers of clothes in this weather. I hate the cold with a fervent passion that makes me irritable and grumpy. how I long to simply  run through the trees wearing a light dress and sit in the sunny, shady forest, and breathe the fresh, warm air of the mountainside.

There is a lot more going through my mind, but you know, I won’t say all of it.