I’m Still Here…

Okay, I know I’ve been pretty inactive over the past two months, and I’m sorry. I’m in the state of extreme busyness and extreme laziness.
A lot has happened since I’ve last written on this small, dying blog of mine. I’m just trying to think…
A big thing that has arisen lately is the fact that I am pretty certain I’m not going to go back to school next year. I’m going to have entire freedom and learning and awesomeness instead of studying for an exam that’s not going to affect anything in my life. I’m insanely excited and I only have two days left of school! Then I’m going to Portugal a few days after and… wait for it… I’m going to see Warpaint live. I’m dying here. Okay, Amy, calm down.
So, a bit more about the homeschooling. I’m going to try to do lots of projects, join lots of groups, do a lot of online learning, cause there are so many resources out there. I’m really excited to have time to spend on art, music, skills and things I want to do. I’ll probably manage to get this blog up and running again too! I’ll try to post some more over the next little while!

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