Etsy shop!

I’ve had an Etsy account for a while now, but only this morning did I finally make listings! So if anyone wants to buy any of my jewellery, I’m in the process of putting it up now. I think I will also make dreamcatchers and other things for it. These are the two items I have listed so far, but I’m in the process of putting up more.
IMGP3786 IMGP3798

4 thoughts on “Etsy shop!

    • Thanks! They actually do look like mini blueberries, very similar to ones I was just picking up the mountains the other week! Maybe I was subconsciously inspired 😉

  1. Not actually related to the post, sorry but you changed the heading at the top! When did that happen? I just noticed it now- “The daily crafting of a 13-year-old” to ““TURN YOUR FACE TO THE SUN, AND THE SHADOWS WILL FALL BEHIND YOU.” I like that quote.

    • I’m actually not sure when, but I was tired of the old one, I’m not thirteen any more and it wasn’t correct in the daily part!
      Also I’m beginning to write more about nature reconnection so I thought it would be a good quote, it’s a Native American proverb, I believe. I feel that way sometimes, that when there’s a lot of troubles, all it takes is to soak in the sun and turn to the earth to fix a few things, for a bit at least.

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