Ok, I know I haven’t been around much…
But in that time I was away, a lot happened.
Basically, I feel like a different person now. Its odd, but I really had to push myself to write this post. For a while I considered just leaving the blog as it is. No new posts. I still don’t know if I will even finish and post this.

So, I’ve been wanting to go to the Art of Mentoring for about two years now. This year, it happened. And I went.
What is the Art of Mentoring, you might ask? Basically, a bundle of awesome people with incredible personalities and skills get together and live in a nature based community for a week. I’m not too sure what the adults did, as the teens were, for the most part, away from the main camp. But my mother says it was amazing, as well.
For the first few days the teens (nicknamed the Kestrels) stayed in the main camp, but then we headed off into the wilderness. There were storms, giant towers, cliffs, lots of crawling through the undergrowth on our stomachs in the pouring rain, but it was awesome. I met people who I could really share with and sing with, and they understood my crazy rantings about nature. They had so much to give and I learned so much from them. There’s so much more, but I don’t have the energy to share it right now.
I kinda realized how much I hate technology. It just sucks away our time, our minds, our ability to think and play and discover. Most of the time. I mean, It’s handy for some things, but I find it easier without it.
I suppose I’d better get on with life now.
More crafts coming soon, I promise!

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