Spiced hot chocolate

These are wonderful on a cold day
Ingredients: (1 mug)
The size of mug you will use of milk (I used half soya half almond but you can use anything, my favourite is goats)
Two teaspoons of cocoa powder
Two-three teaspoons of brown muscovado sugar (you can use regular sugar but this gives it a wonderfully rich, spiced flavour)
One teaspoon of ginger
One teaspoon of cinnamon
A capful of vanilla extract

Set the milk on to heat up, in a pan or milk heater, whatever’s on hand.
Mix the dry ingredients in the bottom of the mug
Add the vanilla extract and one teaspoon of water, maybe more water.
Stir well to make a paste
Add the hot milk (frothed if that is what your preference is)
Stir and enjoy 🙂

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