Sheet music roses


I was expecting this to fail. but it didn’t! It was really easy, i just cut out heart shapes from some old sheet music, curled the edges around a knitting needle, and glued them to a pipe cleaner! i also added some lavender oil to make it smell nice. i am obsessed with making things out of sheet music. now that i can read it i actually enjoy looking at it!

4 thoughts on “Sheet music roses

  1. Wow! It’s pretty. Iv’e been searching up online looking for how to make these and they look really hard but i haven’t tried so idk. Good job

  2. I know this is old, but could you make a tutorial? I have been experimenting with these and I never get the right 3-D petal effect I’m looking for, so it would be great to have a tutorial please?

    • Sure! I am going away to Scotland in an hour or so though so I don’t think I will have the time now, so when I get back I will make a tutorial. One thing, is your paper more of a copier paper thickness? The sheet music I used was more like a light card; I’m not sure if that would make a difference…

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